Rayfa’s and Apollo’s new animations in reaction to their respective father’s death.


You know one of the best parts about AA getting more animated scenes like this?  Framing parallels and symbolism!

In the above GIFs, Maya and Ga’ran are attempting to channel a spirit.  Let’s pay attention to the camera angles and how it zooms in and out on the respective medium; with Maya, we see the camera zoom out, then back into her forehead. 

It should be fairly easy to deduce that when the camera zooms out, it’s the medium reaching out for the spirit.  When it comes back to the forehead, it’s the medium successfully channeling the spirit.

With Ga’ran, however, the camera doesn’t properly zoom out like it did with Maya.  It shows how she’s attempting to call out to the spirit but wasn’t entirely able to reach due to her weak spiritual power.  However, she was still able to do so with the Dance of Devotion, as we see in the second Ga’ran GIF. 

In the third Ga’ran GIF, we certainly zoom in on her face, but it doesn’t continue into her forehead.  In an earlier post, I observed that it was likely Ga’ran committed blasphemy.  Long story short, not only was she condemning the Holy Mother herself, but she didn’t even do it properly.  Although Ga’ran did indeed manage to call upon the Holy Mother, she wasn’t able to channel her spirit, but was humiliated instead.  

It isn’t too much of a stretch to say that Ga’ran was so desperate to channel the Holy Mother’s spirit, she convinced herself that she had succeeded, thus she thought she was her own goddess.  Or, on the other hand, she came very close to actually channeling a spirit, but when aforementioned spirit proved stronger than her, it messed her up in the head.