You think so, Phoenix?  May I redirect you to this post?


Just…not exactly how Phoenix imagined it, huh?

I have some fun fan commentary on this!

Before you get the butterfly, you get this:


That is Dhurke going on to the Twilight Realm and where the game’s lore comes into play, leaving us with some pretty great Fridge Brilliance.  

In case you don’t remember, I’ll give a quick recap–in Khura’in, it’s believed that the butterfly is the soul of the departed leaving for the afterlife.  …Which is why Nahyuta is usually seen with it; he’s the “last rites,” prosecutor known to send souls to the Twilight Realm.  He’s not a spirit medium like the women in his family, but he does his own version of communing with the dead and that’s pretty neat.

Getting back on topic, in the first gif, the butterfly is landing on the sign to the Justice law office.  Dhurke’s spirit stuck around all of case 5 to see his children wrap up everything nicely.  And that’s not all–he makes sure to give Apollo and his law office his blessing before he leaves.  The game is telling us that Apollo is Dhurke’s spiritual successor.

Now all of this is fairly obvious but it’s fun writing it all out, anyway.